Physical Connection, Relationships, Structuring Time w/ Tyler

Tyler, my neighbor and a licensed therapist, answer my questions about my own awkwardness in physical connection.  We talk about relationships and how we structure our time.


Pantheism, Faith & Family w/ Mallori

Mallori is a neighbor, married & with two children.  We talk about her belief of God and the universe being the same, or that God is in the universe (either pantheism or panentheism), faith in good outcomes even in hard experiences, the goodness of humans, family and relationships, and some other things as well.


Friendship Among Men w/ Jay Becker

Jay founded Winnowed Warrior ministries.  We talk about men and their friendships and also Christian grace and living from that perspective.

Winnowed Warrior website

Jay Becker

A Broken World & Hope w/ Christopher Thorne

Christopher is a systems engineer in the aerospace field.  We talk about the unexpected death of his wife, life afterwards with 2 young daughters, why Christopher is a Christian, and making the most of life.

Christopher Thorne

Wokeism And Need For Religion w/ neighbor, Gerald

Gerald lives down the street from me.  He  sees wokeism as a bad religion.  Gerald does not follow traditional religion but thinks that it is needed.  He thinks earth worship would be a pretty good choice for a religion.