Conversation With “The Cordial Catholic” – Keith Little

Keith is the podcast host of, “The Cordial Catholic”.  He’s a evangelical convert to Roman Catholicism.  Keith gives us an overview of his story of conversion.  We also talk about Mary, being justified before God, and fellowship between Protestants and Roman Catholics.

K Albert Little

Roman Catholicism From A Protestant Perspective w/ Scott Lee

My pastor, Scott Lee, talked with me about differences between Roman Catholics and protestants, why the differences, and his views of them from as a protestant.  This was in preparation for a similar conversation I hope to record with K. Albert Little, host of “The Cordial Catholic”, for an upcoming episode.

Scott Lee

Getting Good At Being A Man w/ Tony Lievanos

Tony’s life took a turn a number of years ago when he started getting more intentional about his own growth as a man.  Through relationships with other men, books, and learning through experience, Tony has become a servant leader.  We talk about what that has looked like in his life.


Sharing our Motherhood Experiences w/ Emily Buckel & Guest Host, Ellie Boehlke

Ellie and Emily chat about their motherhood experience and what they’ve learned so far.

Different Cultures and Gospel Emphases w/ Billy Jackson

Billy talks about the different needs other cultures have and how the Gospel of Jesus and his kingdom can meet them.

Billy Jackson