Bolivian and Peruvian Cultures w/ James

James grew up in Peru and then spend most of his working life in Bolivia.  We talk about their cultures and how it differs from the US.



Talking with Latter-Day Saints, Mormon Differences with Evangelical Christianity w/ Michael Flournoy

Michael Flournoy grew up in the Latter-Day Saints Church, was a Mormon missionary, and then became a Mormon apologist before leaving the Latter Day Saints church for Evangelical Christianity.  We talk about that experience, how Evangelical Christianity differs from Mormonism, and how to make the best of opportunities to talk with people, especially missionaries, who are Latter-Day Saints.

I referred to this video of Michael Flournoy telling his story of leaving Mormonism:

Michael’s website

Michael Flournoy

Living Life Well w/ Dan John

Dan John is an All-American discus thrower and had competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting, Highland Games, and also holds the American record in the Weight Pentathlon.  Dan now gives workshops around the world, writes books and hosts The Dan John Podcast.

Dan’s website, where you can get his workouts, is at

guest Dan John
Dan John

Same Sex Attraction in the Church & Living in a Sexualized Culture w/ Sean Maney

This conversation is with Sean Maney of First Light, a St. Louis based ministry that is dedicated to sexual integrity and helping people live a life according to God’s standards on sexuality.  We start off the conversation talking about the same sex attraction in the church, the idea of identifying as a celebrate gay Christian, and then move on to talk about the broader issue that First Light is involved in, which is God’s standards on sexuality for everyone.

Sean Maney

First Light Website

Addiction, Sobriety & Life w/ Heather

Heather has recently experienced 17 years of sobriety.  She talks about addiction to alcohol, an experience with God, treatment, relationships, truth, routines and her Roman Catholic faith.

podcast guest